Restaurant News

Restaurant News

October 14, 2020

Vegan Eats on 30A

If you are new to the 30A scene you might not know that it’s been rapidly expanding for well over a decade, as more and more people visit the area and decide to stay. I was one of those people 22 years ago, when with two babies in tow, I followed my ow...
May 2, 2020

Capt. Charles Morgan & Harbor Docks in Destin are Gulf To Table Certified

Most restaurants peppered along the Gulf Coast claim to serve fresh local seafood, but when you utter the name Harbor Docks, claim becomes fact. Owned and operated since 1979 by Charles Morgan, a former private boat captain turned successful restaurant...
March 21, 2020


By: Hope Batzel & Susan Benton   Per our Florida government mandate due to the COVID-19 virus, all restaurants in the state had to close yesterday. They are allowed to serve food to go, curb side pick up, and delivery. Alcohol can be purchased...
February 5, 2020

How To Boil Crawfish: The Complete Guide

  Crawfish. One of the food world’s blessings bestowed upon us. I’m thankful for whoever decided that it was a good idea to pull a creature from the mud, wash it off and eat it. Though called a crawfish or seafood boil, it is really mo...