Harbor Docks

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Sushi, Seafood, Steak, Thai, Breakfast


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Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover

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  • Bar
  • Casual Fare
  • Sit Down
  • Take Out
  • Casual
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Private Dining

T.V.'s, Outdoor Dining, Fireplace, Live Music

  • Casual

Parking lot, complimentary valet


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sushi, Children's Menu, Harbor Docks - Happy Hour Specials

Drink Specials

Tuesday is "Ladies Night." Thursday - Sunday: "Sushi Lunch Special." Saturday and Sunday: Bloody Mary Bar, $3 Mimosas


Many restaurants peppered along the Gulf Coast claim to serve fresh Gulf seafood, but when you utter the name Harbor Docks, claim becomes fact. Locally owned and operated for more than 30 years by Charles Morgan, a former private boat captain turned restaurant entrepreneur, Harbor Docks Seafood & Cocktails in Destin had humble beginnings as a place for commercial fisherman to enjoy ice-cold beer and oysters after a hard day’s work.

Charles Morgan figured out early on that removing the middleman from the sale of fresh fish meant lower prices, a winning combination for starting his Destin harbor front seafood shack showcasing six picnic tables and an ancient dog named Raspberry. After only one year in business, Morgan decided to expand by adding a main dining room followed by Harbor Docks Seafood Market located in the under belly of the restaurant. Harbor Docks Seafood Market in Destin cuts out the middleman, supplying national restaurants with the freshest Gulf Seafood possible by using a brokerage called Gulf to Table, where they can pack and ship orders overnight. Though Harbor Docks has a few commercial boats of their own, they depend on a good number of local fishing boats from Pensacola to Panama City to supply the fresh Gulf seafood to area restaurants and to meet the country’s high demand.

While Harbor Docks organic process of evolving grew with Destin’s population, the restaurant is a long way from the salt-worn cottage that it once was. Today, Harbor Docks boasts sprawling decks and a sushi bar with Master Sushi Chef Yoshie Eddings at the helm (a 24-year veteran of the restaurant), and offers valet parking for guests. The interior of the Destin restaurant reflects Harbor Docks rustic and cozy beginnings with weathered worn wood walls scattered with hundreds of photos taken throughout the years. The exterior deck provides waterfront dining with stunning views of the harbor.

The menu at Harbor Docks in Destin is as eclectic as the staff and the local personalities that frequent the establishment, offering items from traditional seafood that can be ordered fried, baked, blackened or sautéed, to a wide variety of sushi selections, Cajun and Thai options. For a dinner appetizer try the Uptown Shrimp that are panko fried and served with a spicy sauce and Asian slaw, or the popular Smoked Yellowfin Tuna Dip that is brined and smoked in house and served with pita chips. For lunch enjoy the Oyster Sandwich packed with plump, juicy oysters that are deep fried, or start your day with Harbor Docks Fisherman's Special, a plate filled with two eggs any style, bacon, sausage, or Conecuh sausage, grits, cheese grits, or hash browns, a biscuit and piping hot coffee.

Last but definitely not least, if you are in the mood for some of the freshest sushi rolls in the South, try The Backdown Roll, a local’s favorite, named for one of the commercial fishing vessels servicing Harbor Docks Seafood & Cocktails. The Backdown is created using fresh caught shrimp, cream cheese, fried tempura, cucumber and spicy sauce, then topped with fresh tuna, avocado and krab salad. Sushi appetizers, Sashimi and Nigiri are also available.

With the success of three-decades to the present, Capt. Charles Morgan’s Harbor Docks family has grown into several other distinct, never imitable restaurants, specific to their locations and clientele: Camille’s at Crystal Beach, Dharma Blue in Pensacola, FIVE BAR in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Mobile, Athens, Chattanooga and Knoxville, and Chucks’ Fish in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Mobile. Morgan is also a partner in La Paz Restaurant & Cantina and The Local Market in Destin.

Daily Specials

Bloody Mary Bar At Harbor Docks!

Come by Saturday and Sunday and make your own Bloody Mary at Harbor Docks' Bloody Mary Bar! Also, enjoy $3 Mimosas from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Weekend Lunch Sushi Special

Come by Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our lunchtime sushi special!

Ladies Night at Harbor Docks

Tuesday Night is Ladies Night!